About me

My name is Flemming Quach and I’m 25 years old, born and raised in Aarhus (Denmark). As you might notice, my surname is not exactly Danish as both my parents have Chinese origin 🙂

I have played badminton since I was a young boy at the age of 10. It was and is a fantastic sport, where I became better and better and slowly taking the sport more seriously. I have learned and experienced a lot on a human level as well as regarding sport.
As a young player, I wasn’t really as good as my peers competitors it was at the age of about 16-17 years of age I started competing with the best and being a part of the Youth National Teams.
I made a big decision when I was 21, leaving my hometown Aarhus moving to Copenhagen being a part of the National Team setup. This was and is a huge experience I will never forget, the elite culture where everbody had one thing in mind and it was certainly “survival of the fittest”.
3,5 years later I had to face that I was not going to be the next World Champion as I quit my career due to an injury.
No matter how my badminton ended, I have had a perfect education through this sport working determined towards my goals

I hope to bring this education into the next chapter of my life as a entrepreneur. I will for my first time start my start-up, AppForFans

I am feeling prepared for the challenges and are looking extremely forward bringing you along my journey 🙂