Episode 18 – Summer, Sun & App


It’s been some time ago since you’ve heard anything from me. Don’t worry, AppForFans hasn’t shut down, we are still going strong and we haven’t treated ourselves with a very long Summer vacation either. I just couldn’t find the time writing a few episodes… My bad!

I’d like to share what we have been spending our time at during the Summer, and go in-depth with one of the tasks which is the product, the app development.

Our Summer has included:

  • App development, corrections, optimization and testing. Both for AppForFans and AFF Manager.
  • Finish our sponsor concept, AFF SponsorShip
  • Contact with athletes
  • Finishing marketing material and newsletters

Back-and-forth, Back-and-forth
There are a lot of things to keep on track in our project, such as, making sure every feature is working, optimizing each and every screen, our UX (User Experience) that has to be as simple and easy as possible. “What happens if you press here?”, “What do I see pressing here?” and so on.

It has been and still is a lot of testing, testing and testing! Each and every time we receive an updated test version, we have to go through it for flaws which needs to be corrected.
We are not just doing it with one app, but two, since we are going to launch AppForFans and AFF Manager.
AppForFans is the app with all the great SportsBlogs and more from the athletes, while AFF Manager will be for the athletes to handle data, statistics, income etc.

I can reveal that it isn’t every day you sit with your hands held high and shouting “Yes!”. We have had a lot of crisis in between. Sometimes you have thoughts such as “What in God’s name happened here?”, “We are doomed, it’s not going to work”, “There are a ton of mistakes?!”. The mood gets kind of affected, it’s tiring and frustrating.

I’ve been told that this process is quite normal in projects like these. IT is really tricky and especially when you have an overall average understanding of it as we do.
A few weeks ago, we actually considered to throw everything we have made on the floor and start on a new fresh software.

We decided not to do that, we kept the existing software and are finally starting to see the app get its shape. The features and functionalities are starting to work together and the app has started to work more smoothly.

We test, find mistakes and bugs, fix these and then do that again and again.

Sparring with Athletes
Sometimes you get stuck and can’t see the mistakes in the app. We really needed some new fresh eyes on it. Who better to ask for assistance than the athletes who is going to use it. We asked a few of our cool athletes to help us test and providing feedback. Their opinions are much more valued than our own since the app is theirs – Not ours.

Our project leader flew from Riga to Denmark to work with us, we did invite the athletes to join us as well. We all sat together, went through the app for mistakes, new ideas, optimization of existing features, the athletes feedback in order to get a better UX and much more.
We had dilemmas on what exactly to do on certain functions, therefore we asked the athletes and let them decide what they did prefer. A super nice experience and it was really great seeing the passion from the athletes. A huge THANK YOU to them!

I hope this episode gave you a bit of insights in our summer. We will be reading soon and perhaps I can give you some exciting news next time? 😉

Thank you for reading!


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