Episode 17 – The Little Milestone


After an interested read by Rasmus Holmgaard from Foodbook in the last episode, it’s time for myself to get back in the blog. In this episode, I want to share a milestone of AppForFans which we managed to reach.

At the moment we have a lot of different tasks to handle, and many things for Thomas and I to get wiser and better at. Our absolute top priority is to get as many athletes as possible, to believe our concept is just the right fit for them. Here, we managed reaching a little milestone: Tadadada… We have not got more than 100 athletes signing up for AppForFans! 🙂 ‘

We are happy and proud reaching 100 athletes, but we are aiming for a higher number before launch – All though it is a great feeling reaching the first 100.
Like in sport we have set the goal, but to get to that we also did set a few smaller goals on the way. Reaching 100 athletes was definitely one of them, in fact we managed to do it faster than expected, as we expected it to happen 1st of June. Check out which athletes you can start getting excited following here.

It requires a lot of time getting these athletes. I believe we have contacted about 1200 athletes, and most of them doesn’t even see our messages. (Feel free to calculate our conversion rate, I’m too “scared” doing it…) Thomas and I sit all day long on the social medias mainly on Instagram and Facebook, to both find and contacting the athletes we believe are interesting for the fans and suits our concept.

How do we get in touch with the athletes? We do it old fashion way through cold canvas. We send them messages on either Instagram, Facebook or mail. It takes time writing these messages for the athletes, and probably are not the most efficient one. But until now, it has been through cold canvas we have had the most success at.
If you’re reading this and have a brilliant idea – Please share it with me here!

Even though reaching one of our smaller milestone, it does not give us the time to relax. As one of my best coaches always told me: “Every day is a new day, and the better we can make that, the better chances we have for success”

Thank you for reading and have yet another fantastic day 🙂


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