Episode 15 – A Little Status


I think it has been a while since I gave you guys a status of how things are going at AppForFans. This is what I’ll try doing in today’s episode.

First of all, we got our website up and running. I think it looks quite nice and most important you get to see which athletes you can look forward following. It is also possible to read about our concept, how to become and athlete and how to become a sponsor. You can visit our website here

We have started the second round of testing with the athletes, and it is awesome to hear their opinions both the positive and negative. It is a huge help and we will continuously invite more and more athletes in for testing. We have already received good inputs, which we try to move on with.
Third round of testing will start soon, and we will also have to test with users which aren’t athletes within a short time as well.

A lot of tasks needs to be done before launch. I have made a Gantt-chart with all our tasks and when to do them. This gives me a good structure of the coming time until launch.
If you have a project and in need for a good structure, I can recommend using this tool. You can find a lot of templates googling Gantt-chart.
I am not able to share when to expect our launch yet, I need to be sure that everything goes according to the plan before I do it. You never know if something happens causing a delay with projects like these. Please stay patient with me 🙂

A goal we set up beginning of April was to get 50 athletes into our app before 1st of May. At that time, we had about 25 athletes, and have spent relatively long time to acquire them.
But.. I can let you know that we already reached 52 athletes as per today – Super super nice and I get a small boost reaching one goal of many!! 🙂
Reaching a goal doesn’t give us time to rest, we need to move on to the next number which is 75 athletes.
The biggest goal for us now is to reach +200 athletes across countries and sports with hopefully 10.000 users by the day we launch. It is an ambitious goal, but we believe that we can make it happen.

All in all, things are happening and we are approaching a real product. It is really nice to see and means a lot for the motivation and fighter spirit! 🙂


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