Episode 14 – Finally First Testing

Hi there!

Finally we did the first round of testing with a small group of athletes. The feedback was positive, but there definitely were improvements to be done as well.
The next months are extremely important for the launch. Which features should be included, which are not relevant and new ideas for future versions.
We are truly thankful for the current testing athletes, and those who are willing to for the next versions. It means a lot to us at AppForFans. THANK YOU!

Below I have listed both the positive and the negative feedback received.


  • Great idea. We feel (Athletes) that this is what we need
  • “Essentials” is a good low-key feature to expose sponsors. (One of our features)
  • The features are fun. We have seen some of them in other apps, but it works great with the twist from sports.
  • Easy to navigate


  • Several times where the app crashed. Especially one particular feature.
  • Start problems signing in with Facebook
  • Need some sort of guidance in the app first time visiting it.

I am very glad that the athletes are positive towards the AppForFans concept. We have made it for them, and hopefully this can help them reaching more on a commercial level.
We are continuously working on new ideas/features and luckily, we have a good stack waiting for us to get started. At this moment, the most important thing for us is to test what is most useful and what is most right to start it.

It is annoying to hear, that the app is not always responding as smooth as it should. Our developers and I are already working on improving this part.
Mistakes are inevitable in the test period and that we need to accept. However, crashes in the app is not nice to hear, test period or not. It is an absolute top priority to get rid of these mistakes, or at least try to in our test period. Once our app is launched, it is a must that this cannot happen.

All I all the team and I are OK positive with the first feedback. We will open up for more athletes soon and are really excited to hear what they think about it! 🙂

In the mean time we have updated are website as well. It is actually quite cool if I must say. Try and check it out at www.appforfans.com

Speak soon!


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