Episode 13 – The Helicopter Perspective

In the last episode, I told you that we are ready for testing. We are, but it got delayed a few days, as we found some bugs to fix. Therefore, I unfortunately can’t share the first feedback with you guys yet, but that can hopefully be done in the next episode!

Last weekend, I got a text from an old friend asking: “What was the worst thing doing sports on a professional level?” A really good question and here is my answer:

The best and worst thing was the partnership with my coaches.
Nothing beats having a coach, who always had your best interest. I had the feeling that my coach, would do anything for me to become a better player. That was the absolute best thing.
On the other side, it could as well be some of the worst experiences. The feeling of having a coach, that did not believe in you. A coach that did not care about your game, and if you became a better player it was more luck than skill. Luckily, I have only experienced this very few times, but the feeling of being alone was not fun at all.

This gift in sports, I miss in the start-up business – My coach, my mentor, name it as you like.
A person that can help me improve my business through good and bad times.
A person that can point me to the right direction.
I know things are not as black and white as described, but it is just nice to have people around that are smarter than yourself.

Thomas and I naturally work together, but we are not experienced within start-ups. We do not have any acquaintances who have done it before within our area.
I am not whining and would not trade this for anything else. We just have to be very attentive and good at flying up in the helicopter, looking at the project on a bigger perspective. Where and how can we optimize, making tomorrows app better than todays?
Everything comes back to the test we are running, it will be an indicator of what we have worked on… I gotta tell you, I’m pretty nervous!

Next episode will hopefully be about the test/feedback, otherwise our developers might not meet the happiest Flemming Quach 🙂

Thank you for reading along.


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