Episode 12 – Ready, Set, Test!


AppForFans is moving forward and we are getting closer looking like a real app. In general, I experience positive feedback when I speak to athletes across sports. The positive feedback is fantastic fuel and motivation for the entire project! 🙂

In my last episode, I wrote about the mistakes that have been made and how we have optimized the development of the app.
This means, that the wait finally is over – At least the first part.
We are within very short time ready to open the doors for testing from the first athletes! YEEES!
I really look forward getting the athletes opinions of the app. We get to figure out, if the past 11 months talking and discussing have been totally off, or that we might actually have something good going on. I naturally believe in the last.

The upcoming period will be truly exciting, which mainly will consist of tests and evaluations from the athletes. I look forward to the criticism and feedback, which we can use to adjust the app. In this way, we make sure to deliver the best possible product when we launch.

Many athletes have already signed up for testing, but we have a spot for you out there as well.
If you are an athlete or a sports fan, who wants help making the best sports community, then do not hesitate contacting me at info@appforfans.com – THANK YOU!!

I really hope for your help!

Hopefully, the next episode will be about how the first testings or maybe it will be about the missing tests if anything goes wrong. You never know…



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