Episode 10 – Speak Out, Influencer!


A few weeks ago, I attended a talk about strategic cooperations with influencers.
The information before this talk was very limited, I didn’t know what to expect and/or if it was relevant for me and for AppForFans.

The talk turned out being highly relevant, with a good mix of defining an influencer, how to work with these and examples with company cases doing influencer-marketing.

Influencers can be found on different levels, typically divided in micro, macro or mega influencers.

An influencer has these characteristics:

  • A power to affect/influence others opinion, habits etc.
  • High number of followers on social medias
  • High interaction rate on posts
  • Large/broad reach

The goal with AppForFans is to create a platform, where athletes can inspire fans and other athletes.
A platform, where you can experience what others do with their sport
A platform, where you share in details about your sport
A platform, where you can become an influencer within sports.

The absolute most important thing as an athlete, is to find your “tone of voice”, your unique way to communicate trustworthy with your fans.
We want to create a perfect platform for athletes, and hoping they can deliver and execute a communication strategy on our platform.

Influencer Marketing, In or Out?
The speakers at the talk, have had big success using influencer-marketing as a tool. They expect, advertising using influencer-marketing is a trend, that will keep on for the future.

Partnerships between influencer and compane are evaluated through KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator). Examples of KPI could be based on interaction, reach, amount of time spend on certain page, sale of products etc.
At AppForFans, we have luckily adjusted our business model continuously, and have managed to include data which can be used as KPI’s in our sponsor ads. The talk has definitely confirmed, that it was a correct decision including data’s.

The talk also confirmed some of the things we are working on, and that definitely gives us huge motivation for the project, and perhaps we are creating a unique platform among athletes and sports fans. Who knows?… 🙂

Thank you for reading, and thank you for an interesting talk!

See you again soon


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