Episode 8 – A trip to Riga

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Hi there!

Happy new year! Hope you all got a great start of this year 🙂

Our app developers are located in Riga, and last year in the end of autumn, I had the chance to visit them, which was my first-time meeting with our them.

I was quite excited on, whom I was meeting. Was it stereotypes with long hair and beard, who only spoke the language of megabytes and algorithms? (Sorry for the generalizing) … If that was the case, it would be two very long days in Riga!
Luckily, that didn’t turn out to be the case. There were some, what I call “IT-nerd-language”, but it wasn’t too bad. At least I got the point – Most of the time.

It was both Thomas and I who travelled to Riga. The purpose of the tour, was to go through the concept once again, go through and discuss the pros and cons on each function. Decide and finish company logo, moreover to decide our website details, specifications and design.

It was as mentioned my first time meeting our developers, therefore I was a bit nervous on what to expect. I have to say, it was surprisingly easy, as we started off with a status of the app from our app project leader.
After finishing up the status, we started on going through, changing and improving the existing functions. Thomas and I did bring some new ideas as well, that we wanted to be implemented in the app.

It is really an art building an app. You have to know in advance, what the users think would be great and what would not. Each and every detail needs to be considered to the fingertip – What happens when you push that exact button, the effects, the colours, the ease using it all together. It can be tiny margins, that makes you think the app is great or not.
Some functions got discarded, while others occurred.
Every time we add or changes a function it most probably cost time – And time is money. Therefore, it is extremely important, that the decisions Thomas and I make are long-lasting, to make sure that we do not waste time and money on unnecessary things – Because the costs of building an app really fast gets high!…

A success story from our trip down there was, how we are going to show the athletes sponsors in their profiles. It will be quite elegant and toned down, which hopefully will create a good experience for everyone. I am really looking forward seeing the sponsors in the athlete’s profiles!

On two intense days, we more or less got a plan for every function both old and new ones. Our logo and brand colours got decided, and we got an improved business model with the sparring of the developers.

I learned a lot of creating and programming apps, which gives me a better understanding of why some things are possible, while others might make it more troublesome. There are yet still plenty for me to learn and understanding in this field, and I am looking forward learning it.

All in all, it was a positive trip, and I am sure that both we and the developers got a better understanding of it all. In my last episode, I expressed some of the frustrations there can be communicating online with our developers. Being in Riga is totally different, the understanding is better when you sit face to face with them. Therefore, before we launch, I am sure we will to be found once again in Riga.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the trip and thank you very much following me here! See you again soon! 🙂


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