Episode 7 – Where Do I Begin?

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Welcome back and Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve all had some fantastic Christmas days 🙂

Today will be about, how to find an app house. Where should you begin?

I believe finding app developers is a bit like finding a qualified expert within accounting, craftsman etc.
It is a huge jungle out there, because there are so many. Who can I trust, who is cheap, who is expensive and which ones are really as good as they say they are?
The choice is not easy, and a wrong decision might give you consequences that you really can’t see yourself through.

Our App House
Thomas made the decision for our app house. The choice was naturally on Niels’ app house, which is based in Riga. The choice has been made without any hesitation or further research at other app houses, but I fully understand his choice.
Since Niels is a part of the company, it is as well his best interest to make everything work within AppForFans, that of course includes programming and development of the app.

There are pros and cons in all choices we make.
Many people with experience within apps, are critical on working with app houses outside your country. Even though your app house is great, there probably will be difficulties in the communication and often culture differences to handle.
After trying it on my own, I believe them – It is quite difficult.

Communication and expectations needs to be aligned. You need to be sharp and structured to keep the overview of the project.
I am having my fights with this, and it is really frustrating. You kind of sit with the feeling: “Are we talking about the same thing here or?”
Therefore, I try to repeat what I want several times, and having my developers repeating what I want with their own words. Hopefully repetitions make it all clearer.
For our own sake, and for all who considers having an app made, I would recommend to specify every detail you’d like in the app, literally every detail.

Even though I trust my team, it is hard not to have some doubt.
Is my app house effective enough? Are they good enough programming? Is everything working both front- and backend?
The worst thing of all this is, that I don’t know which answers are right or wrong, as I have nothing to compare with.

A Kind of Second Opinion
I have gotten to know a few people, who works within app development. They have been great sparring for me. I’ve told them about the project and my doubts to my app house – Is it just me demanding too much or why do I really doubt my app house?

Nobody can tell me 100% what’s right or wrong. That would require them to get to know all details for AppForFans, but it was nice for me to hear from a Danish app company, that my doubts are inevitable. No matter what app house you choose and where they are from.
I truly hope they are right, and it “comforts” me for now.

Challenges are always ahead, and it is all about finding quick and good solutions on these.
My first solution to get a better overview is to keep a weekly meeting with my developers. At this meeting, I want every detail of work done in previous and what is up for the coming week. Everything must be specified, and hopefully that can give me a better overview of all aspects of the project.

How to find an app house? Well it is hard to say, but I believe you need to be critical, talk to a few app houses and hereafter follow your gut feeling.

Some time ago, Thomas and I was in Riga for a visit. Sitting face-to-face with our developers. It was my first time visiting our developers, and it was new and exciting. What is it that you do on these meeting? I’ll tell you all about it in the coming episode.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll be back in start of the new year.


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