Episode 6 – Oatmeal or Champagne Brunch?

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Welcome or welcome back in this busy Christmas month.

Today’s episode will be about how my financial situation is, as newly entrepreneur. Is it oatmeal or champagne brunches?

6.412,14 DKK / 861 EUR
Let me be straight with you, there are no glory being an entrepreneur and starting your own business…
Some entrepreneurs got that “f*ck it” attitude, quitting their job and jump right into it. Others prefer a safer method, starting their own business while having a job or school on the side, at least something that provides an income.
I believe, that there are no right or wrong way to start, it all depends on who you are as a person.

I know, that I don’t have that coolness quitting everything and just go all in with no income on the side. I have hated, like really hated, when my bank account turned red! That really can give me sleepless nights.
When I played badminton, I still had studies + 2 jobs on the side. I did it to learn something else than badminton, but on the same time I did it to increase my savings.

Neither Thomas, Michael, Niels or myself gets paid by AppForFans. I think that is very natural, as the money needs to be spend elsewhere that hopefully can make the future better.
To make myself feel more relaxed, I have a part time job in a furniture store.
I try to get the right balance between working with AppForFans, and at the same time working in the store for my livings.
As the headline indicates, 861 EUR is what I have for my living expenses in December, and it is approximately around this amount the next many months as well.
It is probably less or the same as a Danish student with a part time job. How I see it, 861 EUR is much better than zero…
(To those who have not been in Denmark, 861 EUR is not a lot for all living expenses)

My expenses excess my income; therefore, my monthly budget is definitely red and it is bothering me. On the other side, this is something that I have to accept. It is a part of the game and what I’ve said yes to.
Luckily, I have been good at savings earlier on, and it is those money that’s going to come handy.

No matter what, you need to get settled with the thought, that being an entrepreneur is more the oatmeal life than champagne brunches.

A pleasure for me, that you took time reading this. I’ll have a new one ready in about 14 days.

Merry Christmas!! 🙂


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