Episode 5 – Status of November

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Welcome back to those of you who have been following this blog, and for the new readers – welcome!

I want to provide you a status of how far we are with the app in today’s episode.

If you have been an athlete yourself, you might recognize the feeling. You practice and practice, waiting for the big event to come, which you sat as your goal. The event will be your shine, and your form needs to be on top.
The waiting time up to this event does feel slow and heavy, and once it gets closer you will get nervous and perhaps doubt your own abilities.

I know these feelings from my badminton, and I have them again with AppForFans.
We have done all parts with our concept, and we are right now waiting for our developers, who are working their butts off with the programming.
There are plenty of footwork to do before the launch in App Store and Google Play, but god damn time feels slow, and it is incredibly frustrating!

Before Launch
We do have some time before launch, that will be spend on preparing materials for athletes and companies. We are as well working on getting athletes in the app, and luckily a bunch of athletes have already given us thumps up – Which is super positive.
We have started looking into sponsors as well, the sponsors we want to offer our athletes. Beside all this, there are always things coming up that needs to be done.

If you read previous episode, you might have noticed that we made a drastic change, wanting to have one big AppForFans app. As I wrote, this decision cost us a lot of time.
The initial plan was to launch now (as in right now), but as other start-ups probably have experienced, we are definitely delayed.
Our AppForFans app will create value to our concept, a value we do not want to miss. Therefore, we wouldn’t want to compromise on the concept, just to be able to launch earlier on. It’s annoying for sure, but I guess that’s life 🙂

All in all, things go as planned. The developers are working hard, and hopefully soon we do have the first test version ready – A version I am super excited to see, the first view of our upcoming app.

The next episode will be ready in approximately 14 days. It will be about my economy entering a start-up. You often hear, that being an entrepreneur is tough in the beginning. Is it so? Let me tell you a bit of how I do it.

Thanks for reading and see you again soon 🙂


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