Episode 3 – The Team Behind AppForFans

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Today’s post is about the team behind AppForFans.

Entrepreneurs who have managed turning a small business into a huge success, such as Jesper Buch (Just-Eat founder), Martin Thorborg (Jubii founder) and Tommy Ahlers (Podio founder) are all highlighting the importance of the team behind the start-up.
The team is the key, and much more important than the idea, according to above mentioned entrepreneurs and many other successful ones.
It is much better to have a top team with an average concept, than a top concept with an average team.

Calling the team behind AppForFans as a top team from the start might be pushing it a bit…
I would say, that we have tried to create a team where each member has different strength and weaknesses.

Team AppForFans
AppForFans are an organization of 4 persons. Those are Thomas, Michael, Niels and myself.

Thomas is the CEO of the company.
I have known Thomas for many years, in fact, he was one of my coaches during my junior time, and we have worked together for more than 10 years.
Thomas managed to create top players as well as amateur players on a high level.
According to himself, his career as a badminton coach is not defined by his top players, but the number of players he managed to develop.
Until a few years ago, he was the Head Junior Coach of the badminton club in Denmark who had the most junior players in the elite series (the best series for juniors) – Back then when he started in this club, there were zero junior players in the elite series.
He is no longer active in coaching, instead he wants to focus on AppForFans. Besides AppForFans, he is as well working as a school teacher for children with a particularly vulnerable background.
No matter what Thomas does, he does it with passion, energy and commitment and that will surely be seen in AppForFans as well.

Michael is a Member of the Board. I have known Michael for several years, as he has “followed” my badminton career from the sideline, as he has children who either was or are playing themselves.
Being a father for two isn’t only what he got on his resumé. Michael runs a successful family business and are having an investment company, investing in all sorts of companies.
Michael will no doubt be a great asset for AppForFans, with his more than 25 years of experience as a business owner.

Niels is also a Member of the Board. I didn’t know Niels before this project, but Thomas did through his earlier app-projects.
Niels is surely our “IT-guy” as he has been working in the app business for several years. Besides AppForFans he runs his own app developer company with his partner.
It is naturally through Niels’ company, who are developing and creating AppForFans, making sure that it is moving from an idea to an app.

Structure of AppForFans
Thomas and I are responsible for the operational work in the company, other words speaking we handling all tasks required.
Michael and Niels are Members of the Board, and are mostly involved in the strategic decisions for the company.

It is no secret, that it is Michael and Niels who have invested in AppForFans, turning fluffy notes to an actual company.
You probably all have guessed, that it requires a quite large sum of money to create and develop an app.
I promise, that I will write about the investments in the company later on in the blog.

The upcoming post is about the idea of AppForFans. From the first time, something was written down about the project.

Thanks for reading and I hope seeing you again next week 🙂


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