Episode 2 – My Start-Up Project!

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This post will be about my project and why this makes sense for me.

Please Welcome… AppForFans!
Finally, I can welcome you to my start-up – AppForFans.

AppForFans is a sports app for athletes, fans and sponsors. We aim to create a sports community for all types of sports at all levels.

The purpose is for the athlete to inspire, motivate and share knowledge about  training, mental coaching, diet, physical training and whatever else you believe is valuable experience. Beside this, athletes have the opportunity to have fun with quizzes, polls, career timeline and many other features.

We are a “apply-and-approve” media, which means that all athletes need to be approved, as we want to promote serious athletes.

Data is King
As an athlete, you can include ads from your sponsors.
But why is that a great idea?

AppForFans will provide each sponsor ad with plenty of data. The athlete can use these data to follow the statistics from views, clicks, which segment clicks on the ad, their ages, demographics etc.

The data can be used to evaluate sponsorships, as measureable results are just as important for the company as the athlete.

The athlete and the company can hopefully develop a stronger partnership by the use of AppForFans 🙂

My Experience as An Athlete

Is the app a must-have? YES if you ask me 🙂

I have been at both sides of the table. First as an athlete who had to pursue sponsors, and later as an employee at one of the largest accessory providers in the world of badminton where one of my responsibilities was to consult on sponsorship agreements.

As a badminton player, unless you are a megatalent, a well-established top name or have a very good network. It is incredibly tough to get sponsors.

I was a young talent, but not a megatalent. Therefore, I naturally did not get the (required) media attention, as there were many other good players whom I didn’t distinguish myself from. I was in a situation where I really wanted (help form sponsors) the sponsors help, but what did I have to offer?

I could offer companies to get their brand on my sportswear, which would have been visible  around the world during tournaments and live streams. But how many would really see this ad? And what value would that offer the company I wanted the sponsorships from? I had no facts to verify my value.

I didn’t create a fanpage on Facebook for myself, but those who have – How many of your followers actually see your post? Add to this, the period of time it takes before your post is gone from peoples feed? The answer to my last question is probably – Very fast!

On Facebook, you have a few hours to perform before your post is “Yesterday’s news”.

My opinion is, “Us” athletes need improve our promotion for our current and potential sponsors.

As I mentioned, I have tried to sit on the company side of the table as well. Naturally sponsors think: “How much or how little can this athlete bring (add) to our brand?” and “How much can this athlete sell?”.

… A small secret here, a few Facebook and Instagram post is not going to make yourself valuable enough if that’s what you think.

I believe that, through the data provided by AppForFans, it can get easier to create and establish

Therefore, YES, I feel the need for this app and not just in badminton. I am convinced that similar situations are applicable in other sports as well.

If you are interested I hearing(/learning) more of the app, feel free to contact us at info@appforfans.com

Have an awesome day and thank you for reading! 🙂

Follow my next blogpost, where I will tell about the team behind AppForFans because, luckily, I am not alone in this.


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