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Hi all!

First of all welcome to my blog and my first blogpost!

The Life Changing Decision
I am Flemming and I was a professional badminton player until 1,5 years ago. I chased my dream becoming a top10 men’s singles player in the world, I never reached this goal and there are possibly several factors why I didn’t. The reason why I am no longer an active player is due to an injury in my Achilles tendon which forced me to quit my career. What I have been working hard for in the past 15 years ended and not with the result I hoped for.

It was an incredible tough process admitting that my dream and goal was over, and I have spent hours being angry, frustrated, sad and fell a few tears.

I am proud of what I have achieved and then I am not. Today I can still be upset, as I do not feel like I got fully out of my potential, I believe I had more to offer. What I am proud of, is that I am able to look myself 100% in the mirror and say I did it. I went all in on badminton and adjusted everything in my life and all decisions based on what is best for my badminton and I’m not sitting with the feeling “if-I-just-took-my-sport-a-bit-more-seriously”

How Did I Move on From This?
I have spent the past 1,5 years asking my gut feeling, in which direction should my life go?
Is it resuming education? Is it 8-16 full time job? Should I continue within badminton, perhaps doing coaching? I am certain whatever I chose it will be filled with exciting challenges.
My gut feeling tells me to start my own start-up, as I’ve always had the desire to do my own projects, earlier on these desires had been overshadowed by badminton. Now I have the time, so why not just throw myself into it?
I’ve missed what I describe as it in above paragraph. My definition of it, is that specific thing where you are ready to go all in and everything else need to adjust hereby. You are willing to work whenever it is early Monday morning or late Saturday night, you just have this feeling that you have to do it… Do you know this feeling as well?

Bring the Tools from The Sport in The Start-Up
I am in no doubt, that the tools and skills I used in my daily living with the sport can help me as an entrepreneur. Set goals, working towards them, the hard work (and boring) that is required, high self-discipline and not to mention how I manage defeats. I will learn much more about these connections between sport and start-up, and you will surely get to read more about this later on.

I feel prepared to do this start-up and it is going to be a roller coaster of feelings, experiences and learning. I want to take you with me through my journey – From Sport to Start-Up.

I promise to bring you through all stages and feelings that I will experience.

Thank you for reading and I am excited for my next blogpost, where I will introduce you to my start-up


PS. Don’t hesitate contacting me if you have any feedback for improvements, questions or anything else. Just go and click “Contact” to find my mail. Thanks!

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